Today, there are numerous orthodontic products and techniques. Fixed orthodontic appliances, commonly called “braces”, are still considered to be the reference and remain the most efficient and versatile corrective orthodontic appliances. They can be used to treat practically any type of malocclusion from the simplest of cases to the most complex ones.

There are however certain products offering esthetic and performance advantages over others. The products and techniques we are using have been chosen for these reasons. Use the following menu to learn about the different techniques and products we are using.

Studies have shown that using the new DAMON® technology and treatment protocols reduce patient discomfort, require less adjustment appointments during treatment and allow to complete the majority of treatments 4 to 6 months faster than with conventional orthodontic techniques.



DAMON® appliances and technology

The Damon® appliances are an innovative clinical technology that revolutionizes orthodontic treatment by making it more efficient and more comfortable than ever before. Traditional orthodontic techniques use metal brackets requiring tying the archwires in with elastic ties or steel ligatures, causing friction during tooth movement. This requires heavier forces to move the teeth, resulting in more discomfort for patients and longer treatment time.

Self-ligating brackets do not require the use of elastic ties or steel ligatures. They have a built-in “sliding door” that holds the wire in place with little friction while allowing it to slide freely back and forth. This facilitates and accelerates tooth movement and causes less discomfort..

The DAMON® system uses high-technology wires generating very light forces used to move the teeth. This results in less pressure to the teeth
and greater comfort for patients. Treatment time can be dramatically reduced and this translates into fewer adjustments and less frequent office visits to achieve treatment objectives.



What makes the DAMON® system different?

  • Passive self-ligating brackets that generate light forces that are gentler to the teeth.
  • High-technology wires that move teeth faster and require fewer adjustments and visits.
  • A new clinically proven treatment approach and efficient protocols that align the teeth and enhance facial esthetics, most of the time without extractions or other complex appliances (head-gear, expansion appliance, etc.).

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