Braces removal and enjoying a new esthetic and functional smile is the ultimate reward for patients who spent months or years in treatment. These benefits should last a lifetime. However, even if we would all like to have “perfect stability for life”, it must be realized that certain changes are possible, unavoidable and even desirable over the years as other changes happen in the face with growth and aging. The whole body and especially the face, will undergo multiple changes during a lifetime. Even if they don’t occur at the same time in all individuals, most of these changes are normal and unavoidable! For instance, as we age, most are expecting to see changes in their hair (greying, loss, thinning), their skin (wrinkles), their waist, eyesight, flexibility, etc. but very few expect changes in their mouth, dentition and mile because they were never told it could happen. These “normal” changes will happen whether the person underwent orthodontic treatment or not an cannot be blamed on orthodontics.

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